Canada has welcomed refugees from around the globe

By Sultan Jessa
Canada has welcomed refugees from around the globe
Seaway News file photo.

No other western country has done more than Canada to settle refugees who have been forced to flee their countries because of wars and conflicts.
Canada is a magnificent example of a land of immigrants.

In fact, this country has been built by immigrants.

Diversity is definitely our strength no matter what others say.

I may not agree with some of the policies of unpredictable US President Donald Trump.

But, by putting America first, he has garnered a lot of support from many.

My grandparents, originally from India, settled in Africa to start all over again.

However, Tanzania’s socialism policy resulted in nationalizing banks, industries, private businesses and dealt a severe blow to the country’s economy.
After three generations, we were forced to flee again and thanks to Canada’s welcoming and open door policy, we were able to re-establish in Canada.

We came to Canada practically with nothing.

We have no regrets about it.

Of course, it was difficult in the beginning but with hard work and determination, my family did quite well in Canada.
A recent report from the United Nations confirmed the world’s displaced population numbers around 70 million, which includes25 million refugees.
This numbers are staggering.

Refugees and new immigrant come to Canada because of a variety of reasons

These include persecution, discrimination, conflicts insecurity and wars.

Like my family, many others have been able to live and prosper in Canada in peace.

All refugees and immigrants have been able to provide their better education and also university education for their children

We were always told that no one will be able to take away your knowledge and education from you.
Canada has welcomed refugees and immigrants for many, many years.

In recent years, Canada stepped in to welcome refugees from Syria.

Some of the refugee who came from Syria have started their own businesses and are contributing to the country’s economy.
People flee their homes when they have no other choices.

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