Do Renovations really help to sell your home?

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Do Renovations really help to sell your home?

Winter is well on its way once again. Are you thinking of putting your home up for sale in the spring but it needs a little renovating beforehand? Getting the best value for your dollar can be tricky when it comes to home renovations. Are you going to get back what you put in to it? Not all renovations are guaranteed to bring you a return on investment (ROI). Do you have the time it will take to complete the renovation before putting it up for sale? More than likely if you are using the wintertime to complete it you will, but it will depend on what exactly you are renovating in the home. Don`t stress too much on paint color because no one’s taste is the same and that will likely change to match the new owners taste. Just stay neutral. Do concentrate on the bigger things like the kitchen, bathroom, furnace, roof, windows etc. Is your basement fully finished? Most people nowadays want the fully finished basement. Is your home energy efficient?  Take that in to consideration when choosing your  renovation projects. Maybe updating the appliances in the home will not only give it a nice aesthetic look but the possibility of energy savings in the future will appeal to the potential homebuyer.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two rooms in a home that are scrutinized the most by the potential buyers walking through. Updating cabinetry or at least refreshing what is there is a good start and is certainly dependent upon your budget. Putting in a new countertop, fresh clean backsplash, lighting and hardware can enhance the “heart of the home”. What about a new vanity, tub or shower in the bathroom? Think about “smart home” choices appealing to the younger generations coming up as they are considered the biggest pool of homebuyers.

Another major thing to consider before tackling your home renovation project is the market. What are the homes  selling for around you? Will your renovations bring you up to par with your neighborhood or will your efforts be futile? There is a lot to consider and a consultation with a professional real estate agent is a wise decision.

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