When you come to a fork in the road, take it!  

Nick Wolochatiuk - Dances With Words
When you come to a fork in the road, take it!  
NO RIGHT OR WRONG – You are free to choose how you chomp your corn on the cob: keyboard or lathe. (Photo : Nick Wolochatiuk)

In life, we encounter many T-intersections. The option of going straight ahead is not possible. (“Tout droit!”, as I once learned in Morocco, means ‘straight ahead’, and not ‘always right”).

At birth, some decisions are out of our hands. We are born into poverty or wealth, white or coloured. Our religious upbringing is set until we become independent of our family. In Genesis1: 27 it states, “God created male and female…”

The choice of what our mother tongue is to be is out of our hands. However, however there’s a T-intersection as to how we learn a second language: spend many hours in a classroom or enter into an intimate relationship with another. That’s how I learned the difference between “Gute nacht!” and “Gute nackt!”. (She was nice enough to just correct me, not slap me.)

When our education commences, we are taught to print. Only later how to do cursive writing. After that, what we use becomes a personal choice. Now that cursive has been restored to the curriculum, the elderly will no longer have a secret communication system free from deciphering by children.

Adulthood is rife with T-intersections. When we become interested in canoeing, we can choose to be self-taught, or we can find someone who can give us an hour’s basic instruction. It’s a sink and swim choice, or getting to master the J-stroke to avoid embarrassing immersion. If parachuting attracts your fancy, I very strongly suggest getting some instruction.

When it comes to paddling rivers with strong currents, you can go with or against. I choose with, then hitchhike back to my truck at the starting point. (We’ve done the St. Lawrence, starting on either side (Kingston or Cape Vincent), ending up at Cornwall or Massena, using the thumbing system.)

The basic T-intersection for eggs at the breakfast table is fry vs. boil, or sunny side up vs. scrambled.

Decisions, decisions, decisions! If a speeding train is hurtling toward you, don’t take too long to take the T-intersection decision between flight vs. flee.

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