Birthday fundraiser for MS

Andrzej Terrence, Special to TC Media
Birthday fundraiser for MS

CORNWALL, Ontario – What more could anyone wish for on their birthday, family, friends, good food and a great cause.

This year, Caydence Andre turned 11 years old on Jan. 13, 2018 and wanted to celebrate in a special way by raising funds for MS.

MS or Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system which causes symptoms like weakness, pain, depression, and fatigue.

With the help of several volunteers, Caydence and her mother Rachelle had a number of activities prepared like a bake sale, Zumba dancing and pizza all located under the community hall in the Trinity Anglican Church.

The purpose, to celebrate a birthday in a way that gives back to the community.

“Some of our friends had ALS and so we did the fundraiser last year. After we finished we found out some of the volunteers had MS so we decided to raise funds again this year,” explained Caydence Andre.

Last year during her birthday Caydence and her family raised $1,252.52 for ALS and Caydence already has plans for her 12th birthday.

“I thought, maybe we could do some bowling or something, but she was like no I want another party like this,” said Rachelle Andre, Caydence’s mom and organizer of the event.

Rachelle Andre had pizza and crafts prepared for the bake sale and began raising funds at 2 pm that afternoon.

“This is too fun!” said Caydence.

With a birthday like this it is hard not to be noticed with special guests like Slapshot, Sparky the fire dog, the Seeker Chicks, and Shannon and Erica from the Couch.

“I was excited at home as soon as I woke up I got my mom out of bed! I stayed up until midnight yesterday just to say I was 11 years old,” exclaimed Caydence.

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