Compo Records library exhibit showcases local history

Compo Records library exhibit showcases local history
Joshua Stephenson and Brent Whitford holding a Gordon Lightfoot album manufactured by Compo Records in Cornwall. (Photo : Jason Setnyk)

Cornwall, Ontario – Cornwall’s rich musical and manufacturing history takes center stage at the Cornwall Public Library with the new Compo Records exhibit, curated by the Cornwall Community Museum and sponsored by Bud’s Records and Kool Things. This marks the first of several off-site exhibits showcasing Cornwall’s historical and cultural legacy.

Brent Whitford, Senior Curator and Administrator at the Cornwall Community Museum, expressed his enthusiasm: “We’re proud to launch this initiative, which will feature aspects of Cornwall’s history and heritage at various locations outside our museum. It’s a pleasure to partner with local businesses on this project, and we hope it continues.”

The exhibit focuses on Compo Records, a notable player in the Canadian music industry, originally founded in 1918 by Herbert S. Berliner. Compo was instrumental in producing and distributing records for iconic artists like Bing Crosby, The Beatles, Gordon Lightfoot, Frank Sinatra, and Loretta Lynn.

Joshua Stephenson, Museum Assistant, shared his thoughts: “This Compo project is significant not only to Cornwall’s history but also to the Canadian music industry. It’s a tremendous opportunity to showcase that here at the library and connect it to our musical heritage. Many records purchased nationwide were made right here in Cornwall.”

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