Drop in for breakfast and community connection

Nick Seebruch
Drop in for breakfast and community connection
Michele Fish with Peter Cazaly at a Drop In breakfast on Friday

CORNWALL, Ontario – Trinity Anglican Church’s Drop In program provides a hearty meal and some meaningful connection for those who need it most.

Around 35 to 40 people take part in the program, and Trinity Church priest Peter Cazaly says that the goal is to make people’s lives a little easier.

“Anybody who wants to drop in can,” he said. “But most of these people quite frankly are struggling economically.”

The program started in January 2017. The Agapè Centre supports the program with food when they can spare it, and Cazaly sends them referrals of members who need their services.

Cazaly says that the people who show up are usually pretty consistent, but that he does see new people about everyday.

“It isn’t just breakfast,” he said. “It is a sense of community.”

In addition to breakfast, members of the Drop In group also play cards, catch up on the news, and some even seek one-on-one counselling with Cazaly.

“People talk to me about issues they are struggling with,” he said. “That could be financial, or personal.”

Last week, Cazaly was honoured with an award from the Community Ministries of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. He was recognized for starting a new community ministry outside of Ottawa.

In addition to the usual breakfast, Cazaly and Drop In members also celebrated with a cake.

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