Family dog killed in attack

Alycia Douglass
Family dog killed in attack
Last Thursday

CORNWALL, Ontario – UPDATE: The previous version of this article ommitted a comment from the St. Lawrence Valley Animal Hospital. According to the St. Lawence Valley animal Hospital, they treated Gypsey with IV fluid and conducted some X-Rays. They arrived to treat Gypsey half an hour after receiving the call. They suggested to the owner that the dog be taken to Ottawa and setup the transfer.

Last Thursday, Aug. 4, Josée Davis and her husband were out for a walk with their Toy Poodle, Gypsy, when a large white dog attacked the small dog, leaving her fatally wounded.

The attack took place just outside the Monte Carlo Motel, with both the dog’s owner and Davis’ husband working to release Gypsy from the jaws of the white dog, who, Davis presumes was at least 100 lbs.

It’s an distressing scene – but unfortunately, it’s not a rare occurrence. A recent study found that there are an estimated 500,000 dog bites a year in Canada.

“We didn’t even have time to pick her up before the dog lunged at her,” said Davis. “I am hoping there is something we can do to stop this from happening to another precious pet or possibly a child.”

Davis, who practises natural medicine and shamanism says that her clients took a real shine to Gypsy.

“She was a total therapy dog,” said Davis. “She sat in clients laps when I worked with them, and even earned the nickname of ‘shaman dog’ over the years.”

While Davis and her husband continue to mourn the loss of their beloved family friend, she says that she isn’t looking for revenge.

“I understand this is traumatic for the other dog’s owner,” said Davis. “He seems to be very sorry – we just want other people to be protected as a result.”

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