Kaneb family supports Arts Centre with $12.5K donation

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Kaneb family supports Arts Centre with $12.5K donation
Pictured from left-to-right are Tom Kaneb, Gail Kaneb, City of Cornwall Parks and Recreation Manager Jamie Fawthrop and Kaitie Burke (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Community Fundraising Committee for the Arts & Culture Centre of Cornwall (BE the Link) is still receiving donations for the Arts & Culture Centre.  The most recent major donation comes from the Tom & Gail Kaneb Family Foundation.

Katie Burke, the chairperson of the fundraising committee thanks Tom & Gail Kaneb for their generous donation of $12,500 to the Arts Centre.  Burke said: “The fundraising team is grateful for the great support it has received from local residents, businesses, foundations and various organizations in Cornwall and SD&G.”

The flexible proposed Arts and Culture Centre with a “black box” performance venue and reception and exhibition spaces for artists will support the arts; improve the quality of life in Cornwall and bring people together.   It will also help revitalize downtown Cornwall; promote tourism; and attract new businesses and employment. It is the missing link that will make our city a full-service, all-amenities community.

Burke stated that the Community Fundraising Committee has now raised $1,042,850 for the Arts Centre exceeding its goal of $1 million.

Burke said: “We currently have some funding applications still in progress and await the results of our requests.   In addition, there is follow-up happening with the potential donors who had indicated that they were going to make a donation.  Last but not least, we want to make sure that the word is out there that we are still taking donations.”

All donation information can be found on www.bethelink.net.  Cheques can be made out to the “City of Cornwall Art Trust Fund” and dropped off/mailed to City of Cornwall, 100 Water Street, Suite 104, Cornwall ON K6H 5T9

Burke concluded: “Our Cornwall Arts and Culture Centre will be a landmark that we can rightfully be proud of and you will be able say that you played a part in making it a reality.”

For further information contact Katie Burke at 613-933-8353 or brkcornwall@gmail.com or www.bethelink.net

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