Record Store Day Shows Demand for Physical Media

Record Store Day Shows Demand for Physical Media
Ryan Theoret purchased an exclusive variant of the Pearl Jam album 'Dark Matter' on Record Store Day. (Photo : Jason Setnyk)

Cornwall, Ontario – Over 100 vinyl enthusiasts flocked to Bud’s Records and Kool Things on April 20 to celebrate Record Store Day. Among the exclusive releases, The Tragically Hip’s live performance at CBGB’s was a standout.

Local record collector Ryan Theoret shared his excitement about the exclusives available. “I love how there are exclusive titles you can only get on Record Store Day,” he said, showing a special variant of Pearl Jam’s album ‘Dark Matter’. “This is a Record Store Day variant, so the colour for this release is only available today,” he added.

Theoret, a vinyl collector since the late ’90s, emphasized the tactile satisfaction of record-buying. “Buying records is tangible; you can hold on to it. With streaming, you can’t hold it; you don’t get the artwork; it seems like lesser quality.” Record Store Day demonstrates the continued appeal of a physical music collection.

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