Science on Tap takes aim at healthy drinking water

Science on Tap takes aim at healthy drinking water
Brian Hickey joins his former student

CORNWALL, Ontario – On Weds. Feb. 1, Science and Nature on Tap hosted a panel discussion with Tracy Lalonde of SanEcoTec – a company which prides itself on its sustainable water treatment practices.

Through new technologies, the company is striving to restore the water we drink to a more natural, healthy state.

Lalonde, who works as a Small Systems and Applications Manager with SanEcoTec shared some valuable information about water filtration, and how people can take control of the quality of their drinking water.

“We have become disconnected from our water sources,” said Lalonde. “Our lakes have become sinks to pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and anything else we want to flush down our toilets. Healthier wastewater equals healthier water.”

There are currently more than 600 known disinfection products, many of which have been linked to chronic diseases, cancer, reproductive disorders, and neo-natal problems. According to the company’s research, silver-stabilized hydrogen peroxide is a suitable alternative to chlorine in municipal water treatment.

“Healthy water supports environmental integrity,” said Lalonde. “Wastewater is an environmental, human health, and economic issue.”

The World Health Organization has also stated that with the ingested steam and open pores, a 10-minute shower is the equivalent of drinking eight glasses of untreated water. “Health Canada’s drinking water guidelines are, in many cases a minimum standard,” said Lalonde. “They are there to ensure that the water given to consumers is good enough that it won’t kill you.”

The panel was put to the test as attendees engaged in a lively discussion regarding the company’s approach to treating drinking water.

“There’s always risk involved when it comes to change,” said Lalonde. “But risk can be managed, and sometimes the biggest risk is doing nothing at all.”

These sessions are hosted by the St. Lawrence Institute of Environmental Sciences, and take place at Schnitzels European Flavours at the start of each month. 

For more information or to reserve a seat, contact (613) 936-6620 or e-mail or visit

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