Wheelin’ into the weekend

Alycia Douglass
Wheelin’ into the weekend
Cornwall hosted the World Championships of Slalom Skateboarding this weekend at Lamoureux Park and Bellwood Dr. (Chantal Tranchemontagne)

CORNWALL, Ontario – The city was embracing skateboarding culture this weekend at the World Championships of Slalom Skateboarding. Taking place at both Lamoureux Park and Bellwood Dr, the event welcomed everyone from pro level skateboarders to those just starting out in the sport.

With 45 competitors coming from across the globe to compete in yesterday’s Hybrid event, organizer and long-time slalom campaigner, Claude Regnier says it’s been an exciting event for Cornwall.

“Part of this is an awareness campaign for the future outdoor skateboard park we’re working on,” said Regnier.

With three divisions taking place over the course of the weekend, Regnier says that courses will be slightly more technical than some riders may be used to.

“There’s a little bit more curve – even in the Hybrid course, the actual road had two curves, which some riders may be new to, practising on straights,” said Regnier. “After laying it down, it was more like what I used to train back in the 70s and 80s.”

Of the three categories, Regnier says that the Giant Slalom appeals predominately to the longboard community, with its characteristically wider turns.

“In terms of course setting, it’s not that different from ski racing,” said Regnier. “Typically, it’s on a bigger hill with wider turns, and faster speeds.”

Regnier says that Tight Slalom requires the most discipline, requiring riders to really put in the work to succeed. With Sunday’s Tight Slalom unfortunately getting rained out, riders will reconvene on Monday for both Tight and Giant Slalom.

“Like anything else, if you want to be good at something, you have to put some time into it,” said Regnier. 

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