Wined & Dined at Seaway International Wine Festival

Paula Labonte
Wined & Dined at Seaway International Wine Festival

The 18th annual Seaway International Wine Festival took place at Ramada in Cornwall on Saturday, January 20, 24.

Bustling crowds mingled through several beautifully decadent rooms full of amazing wines, beers and spirits from around the world, and not to mention the delicious assortment of food.

Canadian Country Music Association award winners, Ambush was just one of the live entertainment options. Guitarist and vocalist Marc McDonell had just got off a plane from Cuba- “Wouldn’t have missed it, we’re excited to be here, its a great event!”

Ramada owner, Veronica Gupta couldn’t resist the photo op with all three members of Ambush, Marc McDonell, Kris Lafontaine and Danny DeRue before she and her husband Shaun Gupta continued to welcome each guest personally into the party.

The event was in support of the Centre York Centre which was what one group of ladies said they happy to support as they bid on the silent auction items.


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