Wrinkled Wanda shows the lasting impact bullying can have

Nick Seebruch
Wrinkled Wanda shows the lasting impact bullying can have
Presley White

CORNWALL, Ontario – In the month of February, the Boys & Girls Club has really focused on bullying and are using artistic ways to show its effects.

On Wednesday afternoon Boys & Girls Club members gathered at General Vanier to create Wrinkled Wanda’s and Wrinkled Wyatt’s/

Wrinkled Wanda’s and Wrinkled Wyatt’s are drawings of girls and boys respectively. The Boys & Girls Club kids then added hurtful names or other hurtful things that they have been told to the picture.

The Wrinkled Wandas were then crumpled up and when they were smoothed out again, all of the creases and wrinkled stayed to show that when these hurtful words are spoken, the damage can never fully go away and the words cannot be taken back.

“”Bullying affects a lot of people’s lives and sometimes you don’t see it but its there,” said 11-year-old Bailey Duval.

The Boys & Girls Club’s Trevor Smith said that this exercise was useful because it was made to show the kids the damage bullying could cause.

“Whenever you do something that’s hands on they tend to remember that more and there’s more of an impact on their life,” he said.

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