New Medical Director Feels Right at Home

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New Medical Director Feels Right at Home
Dr. Francis Lebrun

You might be seeing a lot of Dr. Francis LeBrun around town these days. He is a family physician at Nation River Health Clinic, cares for patients in the Emergency Department at Winchester District Memorial Hospital – and now, he is the new Medical Director at Dundas Manor Long-Term Care Home.

“Winchester is unique,” he says. “There are not many places where you can do all these things. I’m happy to be here.”

As Dundas Manor’s Medical Director, Dr. LeBrun visits the home regularly and provides emergency coverage. He also works with the other family doctors who care for residents.

Dr. LeBrun says he is excited about the new Dundas Manor and what it will mean for residents and staff. “I’ve seen the plans and construction is underway. It’s going to be great. I even get my own office,” he laughs.

Dr. LeBrun completed his medical training at the University of Ottawa and did electives in Winchester. He worked closely with Dr. Bart Steele, visiting Dundas Manor and working in the family medicine clinic. “This opportunity kind of fell into my lap and I’m grateful and excited for what lies ahead.”

Born and raised in Winchester, Dr. LeBrun now lives in Winchester Springs with his wife, one-year-old daughter, a dog and a cat. His family still live in the area too. “They say it’s a small world and it’s true,” he says. “I have met patients who know my parents and even my grandparents. With my different responsibilities, I might see a 95-year-old resident who had just been hospitalized and then care for a newborn baby in the clinic. I like the fact that there is a little bit of everything in my practice.”

Dr. LeBrun takes over for Dr. John Burke who has served as Medical Director for the past nine years. The staff and residents at Dundas Manor are so grateful for Dr. Burke’s wonderful care.

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