Being essential: Delivery drivers

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By Nick Seebruch
Being essential: Delivery drivers
Bryan Smart in his St. Hubert delivery vehicle.

CORNWALL, Ontario – For a little over two years, Bryan Smart has been delivering delicious chicken, and savory ribs from St. Hubert in Cornwall. He is one of roughly seven drivers that work at the Cornwall St. Hubert.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many other workers were either furloughed, or began working from home, but not Bryan.

St. Hubert’s like other restaurants, were named an essential service by the province.

While he doesn’t drive an ambulance, or work in an Emergency Room, Bryan is still a frontline worker, dealing with the public face-to-face every day.

When asked what has changed in his work since the pandemic began, Bryan explained that the biggest changes were in demand, and in cleaning procedures.

“Business has picked up big time,” he said. “It has grown exponentially.”

Since the pandemic started, Bryan has been wearing gloves, cleaning his vehicle, and upon return from a delivery, cleans his delivery bag.

Being a frontline worker, Bryan was asked if the feeling of going into work has changed.

“It doesn’t bother me per se,” he said. “I’m washing my hands several times a day after each and every customer, and

I get new gloves. Nothing is safe or guaranteed 100 per cent of the time.”

Bryan said that while he was not a nurse, or a doctor, he felt honoured in doing his part as an essential worker.

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