Four new COVID-19 cases in SD&G

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By Nick Seebruch
Four new COVID-19 cases in SD&G
Dr. Paul Roumeliotis of the EOHU.

CORNWALL, Ontario – In his biweekly update to the media on Thursday, Sept. 10, Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, Chief Medical Officer of Health with the Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) noted that there was a small cluster of new COVID-19 cases in SD&G.

The cases stem from a single family in Alexandria, North Glengarry. One individual is an employee in Quebec, and Dr. Roumeliotis believes that the patient contracted the virus there.

Two family members work at two separate businesses in Alexandria, one a grocery store, but Dr. Roumeliotis said that the situation was looked into and no risk was ever posed to other employees or the public.

This brings the total number of COVID-19 cases in the EOHU region to 20, with five in North Glengarry, one in Cornwall, one in South Dundas and 13 in Prescott-Russell.

Dr. Roumeliotis also remarked that province wide there were an increasing number of COVID-19 cases, mostly related to weddings, parties and other social gatherings around the Toronto area.

“These are worrying for us,” he said. “We are starting to see a small creep up in those numbers.”

Dr. Roumeliotis explained that the cases were also trending towards younger people.

“Around 60 to 65 per cent of cases in Ontario are less than 40 years of age and we are seeing that locally as well,” he said.

In total there have been 206 COVID-19 cases across the EOHU region with the 20 that are active, 174 have recovered and there have been 12 fatalities.

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