A slippery slope: Concerns about Massey Place Commons

Letters to the Editor
A slippery slope: Concerns about Massey Place Commons

The Editor,

There is an ongoing opposition to the City of Cornwall building a transition, homeless, whatever you may wish to call it, called Massey Place Commons on Cumberland St. North.

I do not wish to repeat all the reasons why this location is wrong in so many ways. I do wish to point out that by moving the less fortunate people to such a location is a slippery slope fraught with issues that attract other elements to these sites.

Other communities have tried and failed to solve these issues. Sadly, such things as drugs, sexual assaults, thefts, and a myriad of other criminal behaviour are all too common at these shelters, or whatever the city wishes to call them.

Recently members of the City of Cornwall stated on our local Cornwall TV that the rent to income property on 9th Street is doing very well.

The point I am making is that in fact 9th Street is not doing so well. Two notices in the building were posted recently by an official of the city. I will paraphrase them. The one notice states that this building looks like it has been around for 10 years. (Defecating in hallways, damages, graffiti, etc.)

The other reminds residents to keep doors locked to keep out undesirables.

This is what we can expect at Massey Place Commons.

I wonder if the parents of the many children who are bussed daily to the three schools know about the potential dangers that this location possesses.

If not, let someone know.

Fred Carriere

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