Letter to the Editor: Pioneers of the Adopt-a-Street Program

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor: Pioneers of the Adopt-a-Street Program

It had to begin somewhere, sometime but, like every success story, it takes someone with imagination, initiative and willingness to take the plunge.

In 2015 Marie-Paule and Rod Millard, newcomers to Cornwall, believed our city could use  an antidote to  littered streets so they  began by collecting trash on Nick Kaneb Dr.

After a stint of litter-picking and some research they concluded an Adopt-a-Street Program could benefit the entire community.

After pitching this concept to council the Program was launched in 2016.

Initially approximately thirty volunteers registered with the Program. This enthusiastic group began tackling litter on many streets, in parks and on trails of their choosing, during the spring, summer and fall.

Despite some hoops and hurdles, including the arrival of COVID, the Program is thriving.  Indeed, thus far over several thousand residents have participated in this volunteer-fueled program which is managed by several original volunteers.

The Millards will be moving away soon so it is befitting to offer our gratitude for fostering a healthier, cleaner and more attractive city through the establishment of a program that targets litter.  Their efforts have made an indelible mark on this community!  We wish them the very best!

Pam and Ray Carson, Cornwall

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