Re: Canadian Senate

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Re: Canadian Senate
After I read Claude McIntosh’s musings on the Senate of Canada, the first words that came to my mind were those uttered by Ronald Reagan, namely – «there you go again»!
I’m not sure just what now has him all fired up about the Senate, but if it’s deploring how little people know about that institution, all I can say is that with his article, they now know even less.
One would think that the appointment of our own Bernadette Clement, a source of justified great pride for the people of Cornwall and area, he might have tried to learn more about the Senate and the work it does and help pass on that information. Many Canadians as usual know very little about the greatness of this land and of its democratic institutions, and thus fall for those who claim everything here is a mess, just to to get votes, à la McGA (a Make Canada Great Again spinoff of MAGA.)
He might have mentioned that Bernadette’s appointment is part of a significant reform under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which did away with partisanship, and focused on making sure the Senate reflected the diversity, the wisdom, and yes the excellence of Canadians. Mr. Poilievre has said he will scrap all that and go back to filling the Senate with political hacks. That too would have been worthy of mention by Mr. McIntosh, because I doubt that’s what Canadians really want.
Most Senators conscientiously work long hours, and contribute greatly to improving the laws we live by, and making our country a better place.
Trouble is, the media usually pays most attention only to loudmouths which most Senators just aren’t. I personally have always preferred quiet effectiveness, and by that measure, the Senate of Canada meets the test, and with style!
Etienne Saint-Aubin
Cornwall, ON
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