Buying local for the holidays: a must for quality and variety

Buying local  for the holidays: a must for quality  and variety

Do you have a lot of shopping to do this festive season? This year, combine business with pleasure by buying local as often as possible.


Your local caterers, grocery stores, restaurants, pastry shops, cheese shops, bakeries, butchers, chocolate shops and farmers’ markets are bursting with delicious treats for your holiday parties. Visit them in person or browse their websites to stock up on tasty, ultra-fresh products.


Drinking local has never been easier. Whether you prefer wines, spirits, ciders, cocktail syrups, soft drinks, fruit juices or beers brewed next door, you’ll be able to raise a glass to local producers from noon to midnight.


Christmas markets, gift shops and many other types of businesses in your part of the country offer a variety of products to slip into stockings or under the tree, including toys, body care products and sweets. Shop local or order online now to avoid the rush and enjoy peace of mind.


Want to look your best on Christmas Eve or New Year’s from head to toe? If so, choose clothes and accessories made locally with love. A growing number of designer websites and boutiques are showcasing up-and-coming Canadian designers. It’s up to you to find outfits that reflect your style this festive season.

Finally, remember that buying local helps boost your community’s economy. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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