Perfect pairings at Hops & Barley Restaurant & Lounge

Perfect pairings at Hops & Barley Restaurant & Lounge

The best meals are washed down with a good drink. Having the right glass of wine or a good beer after a meal can enhance the dining experience. At the Hops & Barley Restaurant & Lounge the staff of their fully stocked kitchen can serve up miracles on a plate and the wide beverage selection at their bar ensures you have the right drink to go with your dish. Here are a few of the dishes you can get at the Hops & Barley Restaurant & Lounge and the perfect drinks to go with them.

Steak Frites and Santa Carolina Merlot

Whether you like your steak blue or well done, the Santa Carolina Merlot will complement your plate to with its earthy tones. The merlot is a deep red brick colour, medium bodied, fruity and dry with notes of cedar, earth and spice. The steak itself is a Canadian Angus certified 10oz striploin with herbed fries.

Walnut Crusted Salmon and Santa Carolina Chardonnay

This house wine pairs perfectly with almost any seafood dish because of its tangy lemon finish. The Atlantic salmon is dusted with walnuts, served with seasonal vegetables, long grain rice pilaf and maple butter.

Pineapple Chicken and Belgian Moon

Supreme chicken topped with mango salsa pairs smoothly with the citrus notes of Belgian Moon. Served with quinoa pilaf, a balsamic reduction and cilantro, the Pineapple Chicken is a summer dish that makes you long for a summer beer like Belgian Moon.

Bangers and Mash and Beau’s Lug Tread

Hop’s & Barley’s rendition of this classic English meal has local Beau’s Lug Tread beer flowing right through it. This Octoberfest sausage comes with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and topped with a bacon, onion and mushroom gravy made from Beau’s Lug Tread. What better pairing for Beau’s than more Beau’s.

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