Thanks for the donation, Johanna!

provided by Royal Lepage
Thanks for the donation, Johanna!

On Saturday November 11th the gang at Royal LePage Performance Realty held a meet and greet event in honour of Tik Tok Creator Johanna Humble (@Johanna.7209).

We challenged Johanna for our 10th Annual Peanut Butter Challenge For Agapè and she took no time at all to graciously accept the challenge. She challenged all of her followers on Tik Tok (All 175,000 of them) to send her PB via her Amazon link in her bio. She and her band of Tik Tok Creators showed up here on Saturday morning with 473 jars of peanut butter in tow. We are very grateful to everyone who participated. Fairmont Bagel Bakery in Montreal also jumped on board and though they couldn’t send PB they sent Johanna here with 30 dozen bagels for Agapè!

The 10th Annual Peanut Butter Challenge is on until November 30th. There are currently 26 businesses in the Challenge. A list of those business can be found on our FB page, Royal LePage Performance Cornwall & Area. If you wish to participate but cannot get out, consider sending any of the Challengers listed, your PB donation by Amazon.

~Together we make a difference~

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