3 minutes with the mayor

3 minutes with the mayor

As we head into the holidays and the end of 2023, it is a great opportunity to reflect on the year that was for the Township of South Stormont. 

In 2023 Council and staff have made some very exciting and important advancements for our Township that will guide our communities for years to come. 

A new Strategic Action Plan was developed with the input from the residents to ensure that the plan is representative of not only the needs of the community, but also the wants. We were proud to produce a guiding document that will help Council make decisions and administration make recommendations that reflect our community. We encourage all residents to become familiar with the Strategic Action Plan on our website to understand how this Council will move initiatives forward. 

We are also finalizing a new Master Servicing Plan to evaluate and develop a coordinated and sustainable approach to providing municipal infrastructure for both existing and growth areas within the community. The plan will consider the need, capacity, location and configuration for transportation, water supply, wastewater collection and stormwater management to ensure we are not only able to provide the servicing requirements today, but also in the years to come.

We continue to have productive negotiations with the St. Lawrence Parks Commission in our attempts to secure waterfront lands to implement the Waterfront Development Plan. We know that our waterfront has incredible potential to add so much to the quality of life for our residents, and we continue to advocate for those land transfers with the Province. 

Your Council and Township staff have been extremely busy in 2023 laying the groundwork and establishing plans that will greatly influence the future of our communities. We are all excited to implement the actions in each of these plans to see South Stormont continue to be a fantastic place to call home. 

On behalf of South Stormont Council and staff, we wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season and nothing but the best in 2024. 

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