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The Renaissance District Association executive met with the Deputy Fire Chief , Leighton Woods and several staff to discuss potential fire prevention activities that could change up how substandard housing could be better addressed in the east end.

Recommendations were offered as to what action could be undertaken in the short term.  For example   the Department could begin conducting regular rounds of the district to check for fire hazards in front yards.

We stressed it was important to the community  for  Fire Prevention personnel  to identify porches that are so cluttered with articles that these potential fire traps could impede the safe exit of occupants.   Since Bylaw Services has the authority to force compliance collaboration with the Fire Department is essential as is the support of concerned groups such as the Renaissance District Association which has frequently recommended a proactive approach.   Stakeholders believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

We recommended plastic-wrapped porches which protect smokers from the elements be prohibited as they may obscure the presence of flammable clutter. This action would require the introduction of a new bylaw which would entail quick, proactive enforcement action by Bylaw Services.

Hoarding was also discussed as a related issue.

The Deputy Fire Chief expressed an interest in a meeting with our Association, the mayor and CAO to discuss our proposals, including a streetscape plan that has met with success in Kingston which could easily be adapted to meet the needs of this community.


An assortment of fruit trees and shrubs will be planted in Mattice Park this spring.   Aime Leblanc Park was also treated to some tree-planting last year.  Both parks are kept litter-free by several Adopt-a-Street volunteers.

Perhaps some perennials could be planted around the perimeter of the tennis court to beautify the park and to provide some nectar to butterflies and bees.


The Renaissance district/east end can always use some help to pick up litter to make streets a bit cleaner.  Hopefully some residents and visitors will take a few minutes to pick up a few discarded cans, drink cups and other bits and pieces and drop these in one of the garbage cans that are conveniently placed along Montreal Rd. and on the waterfront trail.  You would be helping the environment!

Happy spring! Happy Easter!  Feel free to contact us at

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