Author Erin Lee’s newest book release

Connor McLaughlin, Special to Seaway News
Author Erin Lee’s newest book release
Author Erin Lee. Photo credit: Dan Beaudoin.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Local Viscount Alexander Public School teacher and author Erin Lee releases her newest children’s book

Her newest book, Out of Season, follows a fashionable young student named Winnie, as she goes from being the most popular girl in school to one of the most disliked due to a secret getting out about her. Winnie goes on a journey of self-discovery, in her attempt to gain back the adoration of her classmates. 

Lee, from Long Sault, ON, is a kindergarten teacher, and having great success as an author, from her first book, Maggie the Magnificent, getting published on Sep 22, she has quickly gotten a second book published.  

On July 26, 2021, Out of Season, was published by Sunset Press, and can be found both online and in local bookstores in the Cornwall area.  

With her second book going on sale in August, it quickly gained a lot of traction, with many sales and rave reviews of her product.  

Lee began writing when she was young and fell in love with it. Using her classroom experiences as a teacher, she created Out of Season. Lee uses these classroom experiences to put life lessons into her books, in order to teach them to the younger generations. 

“I saw a lot of opportunities to create stories based on what I was seeing in my classroom,” said Lee. “I would see issues about kindness and Inclusion, and I would see things that our younger generations needed to work on, with us being the older generation, we need to model these social and life skills,” 

Lee talked about how even though she writes children’s books, the social and life skills that are present in her writing are universal and can be taken at any age in order to better oneself. 

“I think even adults can relate to this in some sort of way,” declared Lee. 

Lee has also been partnering with local businesses to create products that she places on her website,, specifically her Winnie’s bow, which is a hair accessory product with a portion of proceeds going to charity. The same bow worn by the main character of her newest book. 

With a third book in the works, author Erin Lee is not slowing down and continues on her journey to teach and bring smiles to the younger generation. 

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