CCH eases visitor restrictions

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CCH eases visitor restrictions
Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH)

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) has safely eased its essential visitor restrictions from Full to Moderate as of June 3. Full Restrictions had been in place at CCH since March 2021 to protect staff and patients from COVID-19.

Medical, critical care, surgical, ALC, rehab, mental health and gynecology inpatients are now able to have upwards of 2 essential visitors or care partners during their stay (only 1 is allowed to visit per day and only during one timeslot).

The limit of 1 visitor or care partner will be maintained for obstetrical and pediatric inpatients but in and out privileges will now be granted for obstetrical visitors. For pediatric patients, both parents can visit separately.

At this time, only essential visitors or care partners who meet the criteria for exceptional circumstances are allowed to accompany for Emergency Department visits and outpatient visits such as day surgery and procedures, dialysis, chemotherapy, diagnostic imaging, mental health visits, etc.

Exceptional circumstances may include mental health considerations, parent or guardian of a child or youth, cognitive impairment, mobility issues, or language and communication barriers.

The number of individuals permitted to visit and the duration of visits may be expanded for compassionate reasons, including palliative or end of life. Even in these circumstances, the number of visitors permitted at the bedside at one time may be restricted.

Appointments are required for visitations; please call 613-938-4240 ext. 4778 to book your visitation appointment or for more information on meeting the criteria for exceptional circumstances.

Emergency Department patient visitors are evaluated on a case by case basis with staff, physicians and screeners to deem whether or not they meet the criteria for exceptional or compassionate circumstances and can remain onsite.

Patients with an active, confirmed, or suspected case of COVID-19 are not allowed in-person visitors.

Visitors are required to undergo a COVID-19 screening before entering the building and must wear a medical-grade mask and gown (if applicable), which are provided during visitation; public health guidelines also recommend wearing safety glasses (not provided by the Hospital).

CCH also helps to facilitate virtual visits by lending electronic devices to patients. A request to set up a virtual visit can be made by emailing or by calling
613-938-4240 ext. 4740.

CCH continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and make adjustments to its operations as required.

For more information on CCH visitation policies and restrictions, please visit

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