Contest to get kids writing

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Contest to get kids writing
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CORNWALL, Ontario – The recently launched Cornwall Goslings Initiative is undertaking a contest to get kids writing.

The Goslings Initiative was launched by Sarah Silman and her partner Daniel earlier this month with the goal of encouraging more youth to write.

The contest the Goslings Initiative is currently running challenges kids who will be between the ages of 10 and 12 on May 31 to write a short essay on what in Cornwall brings them joy.

The submissions should be between 250 and 500 words and the authors must live in the City of Cornwall, United Counties of SD&G, or Akwesasne. Submissions can be emailed to

“We wanted to start this initiative because the children out there who are going to grow up and become writers, reporters, editors, researchers, or any other job that involves writing, need all the opportunities they can get to practice. There should also be chances for kids to reflect and ask themselves what they like about Cornwall (as is the subject of this contest). The more we generate positive thoughts about our city, the more positivity there will be about it, and we want that as much as we want kids to practice their writing,” wrote Silman in an email to Seaway News.

Silman explained that she and Daniel were passionate readers and wanted to do their part in promoting the art of writing.

“Daniel and I are both avid readers,” Silman wrote. “He alone reads at least half a dozen books a month, if not more. We have always shared this interest and want to help promote it at an age where we believe habits are forming. As a kid, we both read a lot, utilizing libraries and bookstores whenever possible, but writing is a little more difficult to practice. Unless you are working on a school assignment you need to have the motivation to want to write but without some sort of prompt it can be difficult. We want to provide that opportunity for kids to write outside of the classroom and also get a chance at a reward because everyone loves prizes.”

Visit the Cornwall Goslings Initiative website to learn more.

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