Cornwall families host 13 international students through MLI education program

Nick Laurin
Cornwall families host 13 international students through MLI education program

CORNWALL, Ontario – MLI Homestay welcomed over 500 international students into host families across Canada early February 2022, primarily in British Columbia and Ontario.

Students that just arrived have travelled from countries around the world including Japan, Germany, Italy, Austria, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Vietnam, Belgium, Hong Kong, and Mexico to study in Canada for two to twelve months.

There are currently 13 international students studying and staying in homestay in Cornwall, Ontario

Prior to their entrance in Canada, MLI added extra safety protocols to ensure students arrived to their host families COVID free. Students were asked to isolate a week before their flight, and required a negative COVID test to fly. After arriving in Canada, students were tested again and quarantined in a hotel until a negative test result was received, before being able to visit their host family.

The international students participating in MLI Homestay are seeking to learn more about Canadian culture.

“A large part of the experience international students hope to have while in Canada includes participating in “Canadian Life” with their host family. This could be enjoying various foods they have heard or read about, participating in the weekly family routine, and extracurricular activities they may not have at home such as skating, hiking through a forest, or even going to a local supermarket to see the various foods,” reads a statement from MLI Homestay.

Hosting an international student is a great way of learning about somebody else’s culture.

“There are also many benefits for the host family from this experience, as students share their own culture and traditions, and it adds positivity to a family dynamic hosting a student for a short time. Many of us have been unable to travel the last 2 years during the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is a great way to learn about a new culture,” said MLI Homestay.

MLI is looking to bring international students into Cornwall late August for school in September from various locations around the world, and are  looking for host families in Cornwall. If interested in hosting, to please email Jody at or Skyler at or to visit

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