Cornwall Renaissance Association celebrates first year

By Nick Laurin
Cornwall Renaissance Association celebrates first year
The entrance to the Chuck Charlebois Trail at the corner of Harbour Rd. and Bergeron Dr. (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall Renaissance Association is a grassroots organization, established last December by several individuals who believe working alongside Le Village BIA and other stakeholders in an effort to transform the Renaissance district into a clean, safe and healthy environment.

“The association has made progress towards making the area cleaner through its ambitious cleanliness action plan. The district is also a bit safer as a result of the association’s close partnership with the community police”, said the Renaissance Association.

Earlier this year, the Cornwall Renaissance Association submitted a series of proposed improvements for East End to the City of Cornwall for their inclusion on the new Recreation Master Plan. The proposals focused on improvements to the Le Village Area, the Chuck Charlebois Trial, Mattice Park, and Aime Leblanc Park.

“So far major improvements to the Waterfront Trail include the addition of a 6-unit apartment building with complements the two-year old townhouse complex beside it and the new condo building which should be ready for occupancy next year”, said the Renaissance Association

The Cornwall Renaissance Association also highlighted their plans for next year

“Next year, the group will address the state of old housing, vacant properties and empty buildings which requires a unique approach to deal with this challenge… In addition the association is intent on seeing the Chuck Charlebois Trail and immediate surroundings be redesigned to become a modern, appealing part of the Waterfront Trail”, said the Renaissance Association.

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