Delicious fundraiser for Beyond 21

Delicious fundraiser for Beyond 21
Amy Malyon samples a BeaverTail. (Photo : Jason Setnyk)

From April 18 to 21, FreshCo Cornwall hosted a BeaverTails food truck, with proceeds from sales supporting The Hub for Beyond 21 Foundation, offering a tasty way to aid adults with developmental disabilities.

“FreshCo has graciously brought in the BeaverTails food truck here, Thursday to Sunday, with a portion of the proceeds going to Beyond 21. This is a great opportunity for the community to try BeaverTails and raise some money at the same time,” said Amy Malyon, Executive Director of Beyond 21. Malyon shared her personal favourite, the Killaloe Sunrise — a classic BeaverTail topped with cinnamon, sugar, and a splash of lemon.

Looking ahead, Beyond 21 is gearing up for its “Jail and Bail” fundraiser May 9. “We are still accepting nominations for fun charges. It’s a unique fundraiser where community members ‘get arrested’ and must raise bail money for their release,” explained Malyon. There is still time to nominate and register community members to be arrested for a great cause.

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