Giving Back and Keeping Babies Warm 

Giving Back and Keeping Babies Warm 
Martina Gibson (at right) presents a basket of knitted gifts for the WDMH Family Birthing Unit to Cindy Ault Peters, WDMH Foundation.

Martina Gibson likes to create her own opportunities. So during the pandemic, she taught herself to knit. And she hasn’t stopped! In addition to traditional hats and blankets, she expanded her creations to dog and cat blankets, car seat blankets and even holiday items like snow families. Her business is called Martina’s Creations and it’s doing well

Now, Martina is giving back. She recently donated pink and blue baby hats to Winchester District Memorial Hospital for newborns. She has also made donations to local schools, churches and homeless shelters.

“I just want to pay it forward in my community,” explained Martina who lives near Iroquois. “The community has been very kind and looking after me. Now I want to look after my community. I also want to prove that people who have autism are capable of contributing.”

“Thank you, Martina,” noted Cindy Ault Peters at the presentation. “Our community is very supportive and your generosity proves that!”

With Martina’s latest donations, the Family Birthing Unit now has all the hats it needs for our 2024 babies. If you are interested in donating, please consider the House of Lazarus in Mountain. Thank you to everyone for your support! 

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