Local Liberal candidate election signs vandalized

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By Shawna O'Neill
Local Liberal candidate election signs vandalized
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SOUTH DUNDAS, Ontario – Heather MeGill, Liberal candidate in the SDSG riding for the upcoming federal election, finds the vandalism of her campaign signs in South Dundas ‘disturbing’.

“It is disturbing…I got a call from colleagues in the NDP office who actually lifted some (vandalized) signs. The (Trudeau) blackface issue is difficult…(people are) ridiculing the candidates because of this. Trudeau came up and apologized…many of us have done things in our youth that we are not proud of…this has really brought the concept of white privilege (top of mind). We have all become very aware, especially in the past few years, that this is hurtful to many friends and we are an open an just society. I believe in Canada and to be more conscious of the things that would hurt the citizens and friends,” said MeGill.

MeGill understands how young people may have a tendency to vandalize signs as a former teacher. Throughout her education career, she encouraged empathy and thoughtfulness, regardless if a student was conducting an act of vandalism, addressing someone’s ethnic background or abilities.

“Everyone needs to be treated with respect and kindness. The leader of our Nation apologized, saying we need to do better, and we should listen. As a teacher, I know we often talked about issues of supporting each other and being kind…in the classroom,” said MeGill.

It was reported that the SDG OPP had not received complaints on the matter.

“It’s unforgivable, it has no place in an election,” said Adrian Bugelli, Eric Duncan Campaign Manager, about the incident. “We can always disagree on issues of policy but I think all candidates…are unified in that vandalism is just disrespectful…to the candidate, volunteers who donate their time putting those signs up…I think we are all unified across all campaigns on this issue.”

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