Local teen saves grandmother’s life

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By Shawna O'Neill
Local teen saves grandmother’s life
Submitted photo of Kaylee Martin during this years Lions Club Sports Awards.

CORNWALL, Ontario – After Kaylee Martin’s high school graduation ceremony on Thursday, June 20, she attended Philos with her family to celebrate her time at École secondaire catholique La Citadelle. The 18-year-old local didn’t expect to save a life in the same evening, especially her grandmother’s.

“When they were done supper and stood up to leave, my mother (Micheline Leger) collapsed, and Kaylee and my sister caught her,” explained Martin’s uncle, Shane Brisson. “My niece completely took over the situation. She took charge and didn’t freak out…it was a huge save.”

Brisson said that Martin quickly lowered her grandmother to the floor and started to perform CPR, restarting her grandmother’s heart while delegating others to assist and call 911. Leger is now in the ICU at the Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) recovering and will attend a hospital in Ottawa for further testing.

As a volunteer firefighter of 11 years, Brisson was blown away by how Martin handled the situation with such quick action and maturity, recognizing that not everyone has the skill set to react and handle such a high stress situation, especially with a loved one.

“It was chaotic and for her to do it how she did is unreal…we just really want to do something to recognize her,” said Brisson.

Described as humble and hard-working, Martin is the captain of her Cornwall Typhoons hockey team and was recently recognized at the Lion’s Club Sports Awards for her sportsmanship. The responsible and outgoing teen also received scholarships for her post secondary education and will be attending the University of Ottawa to study Social Sciences (Bsc) with hopes of one day becoming a teacher.

Uncle Shane Brisson and aunt Stacy Norris are incredibly proud of their niece, as is the entire family.

“The family is very proud of her…her grandmother was in tears at the hospital because her granddaughter saved her life. If Kaylee wasn’t there, I don’t know what would have happened,” said Brisson.

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