Opening Day for Encore Education Fall Session

Provided by the Encore Education Centre
Opening Day for Encore Education Fall Session
From the left: Duncan MacPhee, Vice President; Linda Mercer, President and Gérard Dubois, Treasurer. (Photo : Submitted photo.)

Want to attend a variety of interesting education and information sessions?

Tuesday, September 27 is launch day for the fall session of the Encore Education Centre. To start this program of in-class, daytime courses for adults, the “History of Russian Wars” is being offered on the 27th.

Encore has been providing Cornwall and area adults with a variety of interesting courses since 1995. Each course is two hours and is scheduled either in the morning or the afternoon.

The Centre is located in the Center Charles Emile Claude at 146 Chevrier Ave here in Cornwall.

Courses will run week days until late November. Other topics on the schedule for this fall include: Ageing Safely at Home; Habits: Why We Do Things; Cornwall Police History; Hundred Years War 1337-1453; German Ancestral Roots, and Memories: Sum of Who We Are. In addition, Encore runs a “Write It Now Program” to assist people who want to write their life story.

A complete course listing is available on the web site, You can also reach them at (613) 937-1525

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