Peerless Electric Establishes Manufacturing Facility in Cornwall

Peerless Electric Establishes Manufacturing Facility in Cornwall

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Cornwall Ontario  – An innovative leader in the design and manufacturing of fluorescent and LED Lighting  has chosen to make Cornwall the home of its manufacturing operations.


Peerless Electric, boasting a rich legacy of almost 85 years in designing and manufacturing superior luminaires for commercial, industrial, and institutional markets, has leased space in the Cornwall Business Park.  It is part of a transformative journey for the historically Montreal based company, which led to a strategic relocation.

Driven by the pursuit of enhanced production efficiency and an optimized supply and distribution chain, Peerless Electric conducted an extensive search for the ideal location. Cornwall emerged as the perfect fit, situated strategically at the crossroads of Ontario and Quebec, with proximity to the U.S. border.

“We are very happy to move to lovely city and make Cornwall  the new home of Peerless Electric’s main manufacturing facility,” said Barry Fagen, President of Peerless Electric.

The big move to the new address at 2900 Loyalist Street in the Cornwall Business Park began in April  and involved the meticulous transfer of machine tools, assembly lines, and warehouse equipment. A team of dedicated company experts orchestrated the placement and setup of the machinery, ensuring a seamless transition.

Simultaneously, Peerless Electric initiated the recruitment process for its new production team members in Cornwall. Despite the inevitable challenges associated with relocation, the company’s commitment to its workforce and production excellence remained unwavering. Before long, the majority of the equipment was successfully installed, and the new production team members from Cornwall were warmly welcomed into the Peerless family.

With a steadfast approach, Peerless Electric overcame the hurdles of relocation, gradually restoring production to its former capacity. The company’s optimism for the future is palpable, as it looks forward to unlocking the myriad benefits that the new Peerless home in Cornwall promises. The strategic move not only signifies a geographic shift but also marks the beginning of a new chapter for Peerless Electric, where innovation, efficiency, and a dedicated team converge to shape a promising future.

Jobs at Peerless

Peerless is currently recruiting for its Cornwall team. You can view available jobs on the job board.

About Peerless Electric

Proudly Canadian since 1939, Peerless specializes in the manufacture and supply of fixtures for the commercial, industrial, institutional and architectural fields. You can reach Peerless online:



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