Port Lands project begins public engagement

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By Nick Seebruch
Port Lands project begins public engagement
One example of what the Port Lands could look like. Picture from the Port Lands public engagement survey.

CORNWALL, Ontario – On Monday, June 7 the Port Lands project announced its first phase of public engagement.

The Port Lands include the area around the Cornwall Harbour and were purchased jointly in 2016 by the City of Cornwall and the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne. In 2020, the partners contracted the Cornwall and Counties Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) and their Cross Border Partnership program with the development of the land.

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The first phase of engagement asks residents to complete an online survey that asks questions about what types of features and amenities they would like to see built in the area including residential housing, commercial space, green space, public art, restaurants, fishing piers and more.

The form also discloses that Transport Canada has given the co-owners $5 million to develop the land, and asks that if that amount is insufficient if the respondent would support the community investing more in the project.

The survey remains open until July 31 and in addition to the survey, the Port Lands project will also be conducting focus groups in June and in July.

“Subsequently, the Co-Owners will be engaging in multiple online focus groups over the course of the coming months to further solicit feedback from a wide range of community members for their thoughts on the future of this monumental project. Community feedback is the most important part of this project; it will assist the Co-Owners in making decisions that reflect the interests of both communities,” reads a statement from the Port Lands project.

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