River Institute’s Great River Rapport receives $50K support

Provided by the St. Lawrence River Institute
River Institute’s Great River Rapport receives $50K support
St. Lawrence River Institute.

The Great Lakes Local Action Fund (GLLAF)recently announced a $50,000 grant to support the River Institute’s Great River Rapport – Community Action Initiatives. The Great River Rapport is a widespread initiative that links ecology with relatable stories and provides opportunities for people to get involved and make positive changes in their own communities.

Dr. Leigh McGaughey, Project Lead for the Great River Rapport, is grateful for the GLLAF support. “The health of the river depends on all of us,” she says, “The River Rapport – Community Action Initiatives provide options for people to get involved in initiatives to improve local environments, monitor and track ecosystem health indicators, and learn more about freshwater protection and restoration.” One of the key events is a River Cleanup effort led by the volunteers of the Great River Network to remove debris from the Cornwall Harbour – this effort will take place in the fall of 2021. Other ‘What can I do?’ options will direct users to local actions such as upcoming presentations, workshops and demonstrations, citizen science/data collection initiatives, volunteer monitoring programs, and relevant user apps. Follow the Great River Rapport website and social media for news and ways to get involved: www.riverrapport.ca/.

The Great Lakes Local Action Fund supports local projects that protect and restore the Great Lakes. This funding allows local organizations and groups to take environmental actions in their communities – building a better future with clean, green growth.

The River Institute was established in 1994 as a unique community partnership involving the City of Cornwall, government, education, business and industry, and the Mohawks of Akwesasne. Its mandate is environmental research and education with a focus on the Great Lakes / St. Lawrence River ecosystem. As a non-profit charitable organization, the River Institute raises its funds for all essential costs, including salaries, administration, overhead, and operations. To support the River Institute, visit https://www.riverinstitute.ca/donate/

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