SJCCC’s RCM program gains province-wide awareness

SJCCC’s RCM program gains province-wide awareness


December 2023

SJCCC’s RCM program gains province-wide awareness

The Remote Care Monitoring (RCM) program at St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre (SJCCC)

in Cornwall, Ontario, was selected as part of a research study conducted by the Centre for

Digital Health Evaluation and Women’s College Hospital to understand what makes remote

monitoring programs successful.

Dr. Ibukun Abejirinde, leading the development of a pan-Canadian framework for Digital Health

Evaluation, conducted the study based on information provided by six Ontario-based Hospitals.

Apart from SJCCC, other Hospitals selected for analysis were Health Sciences North/Horizon

Santé-Nord (HSN), Michael Garron Hospital (MGH), Riverside Health Care (RHC), Salvation

Army Toronto Grace Health Centre (TGHC), and William Osler Health System (WOHS),

respectively from Central and Northern Ontario.

SJCCC’s program, the only program selected from eastern Ontario, was identified as “high

technology, high equity” within Dr. Abejirinde’s model based upon its collaboration with other

local partners, digital literacy training, and bilingual pathways, with zero cost to patients.

The research provides several key findings and recommendations for other hospitals in Ontario

to improve the design of RCM programs and better integrate them to address health inequities

using digital health.

The evaluation looked at literature reviews and case studies involving interviews with patients,

caregivers, organizational leads, and health system partners of SJCCC, such as the Cornwall

SD&G Paramedics and Cornwall Community Hospital. Partners expressed that SJCCC’s

program was like “having another set of eyes on discharged patients, particularly those with

limited support networks at home and in the community.”

One geriatric rehabilitation patient shared her experience with researchers:

“It made me more aware of my high blood pressure and sort of what not and what to do. I

learned from the program…[It kept me] in contact with the doctor. It got me through a difficult


In June 2020, SJCCC identified RCM as a strategic priority as a means of complementing its

Slow Paced Rehabilitation program, when patients transitioned home. The initial rollout of the

RCM program created the first “Clinical Pathway” for frail, geriatric, and at-risk transitions from

‘Hospital to Home’ and was the first program of its kind in Ontario.

“We feel honoured to have our RCM program selected as a participant in a research study of

this magnitude,” said Gizanne Lafrance Allaire, Executive Director. “It’s been three years since

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