The Rolling Barrage coming through today!

Provided by The Rolling Barrage
The Rolling Barrage coming through today!
The Rolling Barage. submitted photo

The Rolling Barrage is a yearly coast to coast motorcycle ride across Canada, creating es awareness & raising funds, for CAF Members, Veterans, First Responders, & the Safety Community, with PTSD.

They will be cruising through Cornwall today and stopping at Irving Oil on Brookdale at approximately 3 pm today.

There are about 35 riders.

This year The Rolling Barrage is honoured to have the support of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – National Division as they cross Canada from East to West.

The Rolling Barrage supports programs and services for those that have served our country and incur Operational Stress Injuries through their selfless career choices, including members of the RCMP.


You can visit their facebook page to find out more or make a donation:

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