Agapè launches One Bag Challenge

Handout from AgapèCentre

CORNWALL, Ontario – Are you up for a challenge? Here’s one that can have a tremendous impact on your community while helping others in need.

Summer time is a very difficult time of the year for food banks and soup kitchens as demands often exceed donations. The Agapè Centre is in great need of non-perishable food items such as pasta sauce, canned meats, canned soups and peanut butter.

Acting Mayor Maurice Dupelle will be donating one bag of food to the Agapè Centre (on Monday, July 31st) to kick off the One Bag Challenge which will be taking place during the entire month of August. At that time, he will also challenge 5 people through social media to do the same within 72 hours. People who accept the challenge will bring in their own bag of food and challenge 5 other people. The goal is to have 500 bags of much needed non-perishable food items delivered to the Agapè Centre by August 31st

Although Acting Mayor Dupelle will be launching the challenge, he has stated that “people don’t have to wait for someone to challenge them. Anyone can participate in this initiative by bringing in a bag of groceries to the Agapè Centre and posting a photo on social media challenging 5 other individuals to do the same within 72 hours. I am encouraging others to get involved by issuing their own challenge”.

The Agapè Centre is looking forward to this unique food drive which will help fill their empty shelves.  “This is a wonderful and fun initiative that can really make a difference to those who suffer from food insecurities.  Hunger does not take a break in the summer. The One Bag Challenge has the potential to really make a huge impact if people are willing to accept the challenge”, states Diane Plourde, Executive Director.  She further goes on to say “we live in a very caring and giving community and I’m always filled with such gratitude when I see people’s generous support. I am hopeful that we will be able to fill those empty shelves”.

Anyone wishing to bring in a bag of groceries can do so anytime between 9am and 4pm at our reception area or as of 8am at our loading dock. We can issue a charitable receipt if a store receipt totaling $20 or more before taxes is provided.

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