Book Exchange Box Unveiled at École élémentaire catholique Marie-Tanguay

Shawn Maloney
Book Exchange Box Unveiled at École élémentaire catholique Marie-Tanguay
Pictured from left to right are Zackary

CORNWALL, Ontario — A Croque-livres was presented to the students of École élémentaire catholique Marie-Tanguay on October 5 by the Maloney family.

During the presentation of the Croque-livres to second grade students, the Maloney family and staff demonstrated how the book box works.

Zackary, age 7, Maya age 5, and Danick, age 4, donated some books of their own to start the sharing cycle and encourage their fellow students to take part in the “Take a book, leave a book” movement.

“We achieved our goal through local fundraising activities this summer,” said Shawn Maloney. “We were able to get a ready-made Croque-livres and Zackary, Maya and Danick painted a frog on it to be consistent with the school’s mascot.”

 “The Croque-livres is for any children in the Cornwall area,” said Melanie Maloney. “Children also don’t have to leave a book to take one.”

Melanie was originally inspired by the Croques-livres movement when her family lived in Montreal. Zackary would donate some of his books to a Croques-livres and enjoyed the thought of other children benefiting from his donations. The free library box is intended to serve children under the age of 12.

Any individual can purchase a Croque-livres for their community and the Maloney family hopes that their efforts will inspire others in Cornwall to promote the movement.

For more information on the Croque-livres initiative, visit or their Facebook page.

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