Cornwall Lions Club donates $10k to CCHF

Shawna O'Neill, TC Media
Cornwall Lions Club donates $10k to CCHF
The Cornwall Lions Club Lobsterfest raised funds for the Cornwall Community Hospital Eye Care Department. Seen making the cheque presentation are Mitch Lapierre

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Cornwall Lions Club sees a future in the Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) Eye Care Department. 

After the 12th annual Lobsterfest, the Lions Club donated $10,000 to the department as part of a $46,000 total pledge commitment.

The donation will go towards medical grade equipment, including new video technology to upgrade the eye health program and offer teaching opportunities during surgical procedures. The technology would also allow the preservation of high quality photos to review.

The Lions Club avidly supports eye care in Cornwall, hoping to enable the CCH to be a progressive, leading hospital. 

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