Frost claims losses of $37,500, suggests Kings deal unrelated to political run

Frost claims losses of $37,500, suggests Kings deal unrelated to political run
The Cornwall River Kings in action at the Ed Lumley Arena.

CORNWALL, Ontario – A newly-elected councillor is already coming under fire, and he has yet to attend a single meeting at city hall.

Coun. Brock Frost, who was sworn in Monday at the civic complex, tried to separate sports from politics Friday in the face of an online firestorm of criticism concerning his ownership of the Cornwall River Kings.

Critics are suggesting Frost, who swooped in to buy the team this summer, only purchased the Kings to further his political aspirations.

Not so, said Frost, who attends his first council meeting net week along with the balance of council.

“I have lost $37,500 to date with the River Kings,” Frost said. “The notion that I bought the team in order to win a seat on council, which pays $15,000 a year, that in turn I am donating to charity is absolutely absurd.”

Frost stands to shell out even more money on the team. In an email he suggested he will cover the bills in advance of Saturday’s home game versus Sorel-Tracy.

This includes player salaries, staff salaries and any other costs,” Frost said.

Frost’s missive, which was circulated online Friday morning, did little to quell critics, many of whom are openly questioning Frost’s motives and honesty.

“Hockey is a strange business and people in this town love to gossip,” Frost said when asked about the criticism. “I bought the team because I saw huge community benefit and great business potential. I sold it because I learned quickly that I do not enjoy the business at all.

“Too much stress and too much time with almost no reward. I would much prefer to focus on real estate and politics.”

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