HAMMERTIME: Tool library to allow people to borrow items they need for projects

HAMMERTIME: Tool library to allow people to borrow items they need for projects
Rony Macarone shows off some of the optios available to patrons of the Cornwall Tool Library.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Handymen (and women) looking for expensive tools to help complete a home renovation or small project now have a new option to get the right implements into their hands.

The Cornwall Tool Library will open its doors to the public next month, and its concept is pretty simple. If you need something like a belt-sander, a nail gun or even a circular saw, you can sign them out at the library for a couple of days to finish your project.

Rony Macarone, the man behind the Cornwall Tool Library, said the non-profit agency will solicit membership fees annually, but after that users can borrow as many tools as they need, as often as necessary, to complete their projects.

“It’s just like a book library,” he said. “They can borrow power tools, table saws, a welder and hand tools.”

Macarone said the economics of the home-bound handyman make the tool library a viable option.

He suggested an expensive cordless drill may be used for only a matter of minutes in someone’s home, despite the fact that it was designed for thousands of hours of work.

And others, whose garages are overflowing with tools that aren’t used but are taking up space, can donate them to the library where they will be stored for free, and can be used by their original owner by signing them out.

“We’re going to be open Wednesday afternoons and evenings, as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings,” said Macarone. “If you borrow something on Wednesday, it has to be back Saturday morning, and if you borrow it on the weekend, it has to be back by Wednesday afternoon.”

The tool library is located at 10 Fourth Street East, Unit A.

“It will be kind of an honour system,” said Macarone. “But we have the right to take a security deposit, depending on the person and the item.”

Those who can’t swing the $50 annual membership fee can volunteer time at the tool library and gain access to a free membership.

The tool library is also planning children’s programs later this year centred around robotics and computers.

A volunteer renovation day will take place Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. to get the library ready for its opening in September. For more information, to volunteer or to donate your time/tools contacts Macarone at rony@cornwalltoollibrary.com.

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