U.S. and Canadian representatives meet on Moses Saunders Dam

By Nick Seebruch

Published on October 5, 2017

New York Power Authority President and CEO, Gil Quiniones (right) shows Ontario Minister of Energy Glenn Thibeault a picture from the opening of the R.H. Moses Saunders Dam which took place nearly 60 years ago (Nick Seebruch/ TC Media).

CORNWALL, Ontario - The R.H. Moses Saunders Dam was the site of a rare ceremonial meeting between representatives of Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and the New York Power Authority (NYPA) on Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017..

"These are such valuable assets for the people of the united States and Canada," said OPG President and CEO Jeff Lyash. "Our cooperation is so important and so effective, we wanted to celebrate that here today."

In 2018, the R.H. Saunders Dam will celebrate its 60th year of operation.

Ontario Energey Minister Glenn Thibeault was also on-site at the Moses Saunders Dam on Thursday for the celebrations and to inspect the facility.

"it is pretty exciting for me to be here in Cornwall and to tour the Moses Saunders Dam," he said. "As Minister of Energy it is important for me to see first hand the capacity of this facility that helps power our province."

The Moses Saunders Dam generates 1,000 Mega Watts of power for the Province of Ontario which is 5 percent of the province's total power capacity.

"This is a very good example of clean and affordable power in Ontario," said Thibeault.

Thibeault emphasized that his Liberal Government was focused on an energy policy that addressed the problems of climate change.

"Northern Ontario used to have 77 days of iced roads, now they're lucky if they get 21," he said. "Right now our focus is on meeting our Climate Change Action Plan requirements. We have a lot of hydro electric capacity in our portfolio and out long term plan is about making our systems more efficient."