Mobile cat clinic coming to Cornwall

Nick Seebruch
Mobile cat clinic coming to Cornwall
Mellissa Alepins of Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue alongside Mary Jane Hill of Roy & Cher's Rescue protesting outside of City Hall on July 9

CORNWALL, Ontario – At the end of Cornwall City Council’s July 9 meeting, Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy mentioned that there were plans to have the OSPCA’s mobile cat clinic to come to Cornwall.

The clinic would be focused on spaying and neutering cats that are brought in, stray or otherwise.

The Mayor guessed that the clinic would be in Cornwall in October but said that there were no definitive dates or definitive costs for having the clinic come to visit.

Last November, the OSPCA in SD&G announced that they had taken in 700 cats up to that point in 2017.

Each cat costs the OSPCA $514 to house. That cost does not include spay or neutering, vaccinations, and medical care.

A cat can start reproducing at as young as four months old. One female kitten can birth around 40 kittens in a year.

The Mayor said that the local OSPCA had been the ones to reach out the mobile cat clinic and invite them to Cornwall.

At the Council meeting there were representatives from Roy & Cher’s Animal Rescue, who have tried to help with the local feral cat problem by trapping cats and having them spayed/ neutered. Mary Jane Hill of Roy & Cher’s appeared delighted at the announcement but said that the City was not investing enough in solving this problem.

“We are so disappointed that “The Arts” sector is getting so much money at this point,” said Hill in an emailed statement to Seaway News. “Without addressing the feral cat problem. Feral Cat population problem is growing day by day. Very sad!”

The OSPCA was reached out to by Seaway News but did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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