SDG Counties Regular Council Meeting – April 15, 2024

Jason Setnyk
SDG Counties Regular Council Meeting – April 15, 2024
North Glengarry Deputy Mayor Carma Williams at an SDG Council Meeting. (Photo : Jason Setnyk)

Cornwall, Ontario – On April 15, 2024, the Council of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry (SDG) held their monthly meeting. Here are some of the key highlights.

Mobile Crisis Response Service Expansion

Council approved an amendment to expand the Mobile Crisis Response Service (MCRS). The amendment facilitates the transition of a part-time position to full-time, aimed at enhancing the service’s capacity to manage mental health crises effectively. This expansion is a part of a collaborative initiative involving the Cornwall Community Hospital and the SDG OPP, which has been operational since 2020. Additionally, council secured $120,000 in annual funding for MCRS, now a permanent fixture in the SDG Police budget, underlining the program’s integral role in community safety and health.

Establishment of the SDG Police Services Board

In response to the Community Safety and Policing Act of 2019, the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry Council has established the SDG Police Services Board. This new board is tasked with overseeing community safety and policing standards across the counties. Council approved the appointment of Jamie MacDonald and Bryan McGillis as council representatives and Jim Wert as a citizen representative to the board.

Disposal of Surplus Grader

Council approved the disposal of a surplus 2003 John Deere 770CH Grader through a private auction accessible to the six local municipalities. This decision was made to optimize asset management and extract value from outdated equipment. By conducting a private auction among the municipalities, council aims to ensure that the equipment finds a useful application within the region, thus benefiting local services while managing the counties’ assets responsibly.

Approval of Regional Incentives Program Funding

Council approved significant funding for local economic development initiatives through the Regional Incentives Program. $317,459.52 was allocated to support ten different projects across various townships. This program aims to stimulate economic growth by funding projects that enhance community infrastructure, support local businesses, and promote regional development.

Approved Tenders

Council approved several tenders as part of their infrastructure maintenance and enhancement program for 2024.

Council approved a joint tender from Cornwall Gravel Company Ltd. for $7,611,033.85 for hot mix paving as part of the counties’ 2024 overlay program. This initiative is designed to enhance various road surfaces throughout the region.

Next, Roto Mill Inc. secured the 2024 tender for cold in-place recycling with expanded asphalt at a cost of $5,674,042.46. This sustainable technique recycles the top layer of asphalt, contributing to the maintenance of the road infrastructure.

Also, Cornwall Gravel Company Limited was awarded the 2024 skin patching tender for $4,197,460.75. This annual maintenance task targets roads with significant wear and tear to improve their safety and quality.

In addition, For the 2024 guiderail tender, Peninsula Construction Inc. was chosen for a project valued at $357,000.00, involving the removal of old guiderails and the installation of new steel beam guiderails at various locations to boost roadside safety.

Lastly, Dalcon Constructors Ltd. won the tender for the comprehensive rehabilitation of the Oak Valley Bridge with a bid of $1,157,000.00. The extensive repairs, including concrete patching and waterproofing, aim to prolong the bridge’s lifespan.


For the 2024 Purchasing Policy Updates, Council approved modifications that increase the procurement threshold limits to $150,000. This adjustment facilitates quicker and more efficient purchasing processes in alignment with the Municipal Act. The update addresses evolving economic conditions and aims to streamline procurement while ensuring continued financial oversight.

Regarding the Updated Signing Authority By-Law, Council enacted a new by-law that updates the organizational structure and aligns with the latest purchasing guidelines. This by-law clarifies and streamlines administrative procedures, explicitly defining the responsibilities within the corporation to enhance operational clarity and efficiency.

For the Delegation of Authority – Planning Matters, Council adopted a by-law that consolidates the delegation of authority for handling planning issues. This measure is designed to simplify and accelerate the processing of development applications, promoting an efficient administrative approach to managing planning and development uniformly across the counties.

Consent Agenda Items

The 2024 Roadside Weed Spraying Tender was awarded to Wagar & Corput Weed Control Inc. for $46,280.35, plus the cost of chemicals and HST. This initiative is designed to control vegetation along roadways, supporting agricultural productivity and environmental conservation throughout the counties.

Council awarded Atlantic Industries Limited the joint tender for corrugated steel pipes for $243,006.75. This procurement, facilitated through a collaborative effort among multiple municipalities, secures a consistent supply of crucial materials for infrastructure projects. By leveraging bulk purchasing, the municipalities achieve cost efficiency and maintain the availability of essential resources.

Council approved the renewal of a portion of the counties’ vehicle fleet by awarding a tender to S.G. Wells Ford for six new pickup trucks at a total cost of $335,012. This purchase is an integral part of the counties’ ongoing vehicle replacement strategy, aimed at enhancing county services’ reliability and operational efficiency.

The Library Operations Report provided an update emphasizing strong community engagement, with 120 programs across 15 branches attracting nearly 1,350 participants. The report also highlighted successful renovations and technical enhancements within the libraries, including introducing new digital resources and collections. These improvements are designed to enrich user experiences and expand educational outreach.

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