New ‘Tesla’ charging station opens in Cornwall

New ‘Tesla’ charging station opens in Cornwall
This is what a typical Tesla supercharger station looks like. One of two stations in Ontario opened in Cornwall Thursday. Photo:

CORNWALL, Ontario – A new charging station that will allow owners of an electric car to travel hundreds of kilometres on little to no fossil fuel opened in Cornwall Thursday.

Tesla Motors opened one of two Ontario charging stations in the Seaway City Thursday at the Ramada Inn in Cornwall.

Tesla has indicated it wants to add more charging stations, especially along the Highway 401 corridor, to allow more and more motorists the opportunity to travel from as far as Montreal to Detroit without spending a penny on gas.

The Tesla stations can cost upwards of $150,000 but are an incredible time saver for owners of the popular Model S sedan, which takes just 20 minutes to recharge for a 275 km trip.

A full charge at the Tesla station can allow a Model S sedan to travel up to 500 km.

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