Over $40,000 raised for Rachel’s Kids

Nick Seebruch
Over $40,000 raised for Rachel’s Kids
Local Tim Hortons franchise owners presented Rachel's Kids House of Hope with a check of $40

CORNWALL, Ontario – On Thursday, Nov. 23, Rachel’s Kids announced that local Tim Hortons franchises had $40,618 on their behalf through their annual Smile Cookie campaign.

This year, the Smile Cookie campaign ran from the second full week of September.

Smile Cookies were available for purchase of $1 and all proceeds went in support of Rachel’s Kids. This was the second year that Rachel’s Kids was chosen to be the beneficiary of the Smile Cookie campaign.

“On behalf of Rachel’s Kids, I want to once again thank Tims owners for their support,” said Rachel’s Kids Executive Director Kim Lauzon.

One Cornwall Tim Hortons location has the distinction of selling the most Smile Cookies in Eastern Ontario. The Tim Hortons on Second St at the Eastcourt Mall sold 9, 500 cookies.

In addition to the support received from the sale of the cookies, there were volunteers who helped Tim Hortons make the cookies. There were roughly 20 volunteers without whom, the Smile Cookie fundraiser would not have been as successful as it was.

“Without the volunteers we wouldn’t be able to continue our regular daily operations and produce this many cookies,” said Darryn McPhail, a local Tim Hortons franchise owner.

Kim Lauzon explained that in addition to buying the cookies, the community members also showed their support in other ways.

“We had our Facebook page filled with selfies people took with their cookies,” she said. “It meant so much to see the community again coming together and supporting Rachel’s Kids.”

All of the money raised will go to Rachel’s Kids House of Hope that helps families and kids through difficult times. Currently their is one child receiving treatment at CHEO. One condition of this child’s release from CHEO is that all carpet in his home be removed to avoid the risk of infection. Rachel’s Kids House of Hope is helping the family replace their carpet floors so that this child can return home.

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