South Stormont seeking feedback on firearms by-law

Nick Laurin
South Stormont seeking feedback on firearms by-law
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SOUTH STORMONT, Ontario – In 2020, Council asked staff to review the Township’s Nuisance By-law, and concerns about the discharge of firearms in urban settlements.

The increasing number of complaints has prompted the creation of an independent by-law, called the Discharge of Firearms and Bows By-law.

“Township has received complaints about use of some firearms in urban settlement areas, and requests from residents to use longbows in backyards. These were cause for concern in relation to the safety elements and proximity to others, children and pets in the urban settlement areas of the Township,” said Debi LucasSwitzer, Chief Administrations Officer.

In addition, the current definition of a firearm does not include spring guns, air guns, or types of bows. The new by-law will create a more concise definition of both firearms and bows.

According to the draft by-law document, firearms will be defined as shotguns, rifles, air guns, or anything that can be adapted for use as a firearm. Bow’s will be defined as curved or re-curved stave, used to launch an arrow, bolt, quarrel or any similar projectile, and included crossbows, longbows, and compound bows.

There have been requests made to allow for archery practice, and hunting in some of the areas that are large in size, and rural in nature within Urban Settlements.

According to the proposed by-law, the discharge of firearms and bows to be restricted completely, with certain exceptions, within the Urban Settlement area defined in the SDG Official Plan. The by-law suggests allowing the discharge of firearms and bows, within the defined area represented on this map.

“The Draft proposal is expected to be passed in March based on the information and feedback from the residents, and the report received from our administration. The safety of South Stormont residents is a priority we take seriously,” said Bryan McGillis, Mayor of South Stormont.

For more information, visit Speak Up South Stormont.

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